About Us

Brentwood is a vibrant and active community and we encourage participation and a sense of belonging. 

The Brentwood Community Association (BCA) is a volunteer-based non-profit organization. The BCA is governed by a Board of Directors who are all residents of Brentwood.  We are dedicated to the well-being of our community!

What We Offer

The BCA provides many services and programs to our residents. Click the buttons below to learn more about our facilities, programs and activities:


Waste & Recycling Services Update – January/February 2021

Keep your recyclables loose Put your recyclables in your blue cart loose. Make sure your recyclables are not packed too tightly or they will not fall out of the cart during pickup. The only recyclables that should be in bags are bagged plastic bags and bagged shredded paper. Don’t put recyclables in black garbage or blue recycling bags. The recycling facility isn’t set up to unbag recyclables and they need to be loose to be sorted by the machines. For the safety of workers, garbage bags are marked as garbage and are not opened. Visit calgary.ca/recycle for more tips on

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Little Food Library

Brentwood Cares! would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has donated recently to the Little Food Library at 3624 Boulton Road, and a special shout out to the anonymous donation of these Christmas treat bags – aren’t they wonderful?   Our Little Food Library maintains its busy pace into the winter season. With your donations, we continue to stock the library twice daily, as it empties completely between re-stocks. People of all ages, from elders to students, are supported by the Little Food Library. Hats off to you, Brentwood, for your continued support! Supported by Brentwood

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What’s the Plan for Northland Mall ?

Northland Mall Residential Village Part of the overall plan for Northland Mall is the “Northland Mall Residential Village”; DP2020-7175. This application is for two residential buildings at Northland Mall.  Both buildings will have 6 storeys, with a total of 229 units.  The building height is 12.9 meters, and the total square footage for both buildings combined is 239,347 square feet.  The buildings will be entirely residential (no retail or commercial spaces) and there will be an on-site office with on-site management.  There will be 2 levels of underground parking as well as some surface parking for the use of building

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Waste & Recycling Services Update – December 2020/January 2021

Compost your real Christmas tree Option 1: Put your tree in your green cart Cut your tree into small pieces to fit inside your green cart. Make sure the lid can close. Put extra branches into paper yard waste bags, roll close and set 0.5 metres (two feet) to the side of your cart. Trees that are not prepared this way will not be collected. Option 2: Bring to a tree drop-off December 26-January 31 Tree drop-offs will be available around the city to compost your Christmas tree. Remove all lights, ornaments, tinsel, string and tree stands. Do not wrap

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Waste & Recycling Services Update – November 2020

5 Ideas for How to Clean Your Recyclables Recyclables need to be empty, clean and dry so they can be sorted properly at the recycling facility, prevent other recyclables from getting wet and dirty, and ensure they will be turned into new products. If you wash dishes by hand, use the dirty dishwater to clean off food residue from your containers. Take a used paper towel or napkin leftover from dinner to wipe food residue from the container, then compost the food-soiled paper. After emptying your liquid laundry detergent, remove the lid and add the whole container into the laundry

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Current Events

Cookies & Cards for Carroll Place

This Christmas will be different, so to spread a little joy and happiness, Brentwood Cares! is trying to match seniors with community members to get a card and some Christmas baking. We are hoping that each senior gets cards from multiple community members. Click here to sign up!   Drop off instructions: Please wear a mask and practice physical distancing. (mask + 2.0 m) If dropping Monday to Friday 9 – 5pm: Please call ahead to 403-282-6565. It’s an automated system so you need to press #4 for Admin/HO. If you let Carroll place know you are dropping items off,

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CANCELLED – Carroll Place Christmas Gift Wrapping

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Thank you to everyone who offered to volunteer. Please check back regularly for other opportunities. Brentwood Cares! ******************************************************************************************************************   Get into the holiday spirit safely with your cohort (max 4 people); we’re wrapping Christmas gifts for seniors in Forward Housing’s apartments (including Carroll Place) – mug + hot chocolate + chocolate*.  In the Carroll Place lounge (1540 Northmount Drive NW); there is space for 3 cohort based wrapping stations. Book your time in with Rayan Alfuhaid  rtalfuhaid@gmail.com Schedule:  Wednesday December 9 9:30 am to 11:30 am Clean 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm Clean 2:30 pm to 4:00

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