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Make certain that you check out the new Brentwood Community Mural.  The mural, completed in August 2016 by two Calgary artists (Katie Green and Daniel Kirk) and thirty Brentwood youth, is located on the tennis court fence along Northmount near the Nose Hill Library and the Churchill Pool and Rec Centre. 


In part, the mural is a tribute to the woman who owned a small farm on that same property.  The woman, Pauline, and her loyal dog, Penny, lived there for many years.  Our mural includes both a barn to symbolize Pauline’s farm plus a collie dog representing Penny.  Very little is known about Pauline.  We know that her last name started with “Nor”, but are not certain about  the rest.  We know that her barn burned down – the fire perhaps started by an arsonist?  When did Pauline and her husband first move to the property?  We know that Pauline’s husband died quite young – does anyone recall his name? What year did Pauline leave the farm?  Should you have additional information about Pauline and Penny, please contact the Brentwood Community Association at  Thanks.


Mural co-coordinators Melissa Neville, Terry Allen, and Lee Hunt wish to thank the mural artists, all of our youth painters, all of our financial donors  and partners, plus all of our Brentwood neighbours who assisted with the mural itself and/or attended the Mural Celebration on August 28th, 2016.

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