Crowchild Trail Upgrades .. Summer 2019 Update from City of Calgary

Crowchild Trail Upgrades .. Summer 2019 Update from City of Calgary

1) Finishing Touches: Crowchild Trail & 5 Avenue N.W. Intersection

Begins July (approx. one month)

Now that summer is here, we can take this intersection from its current interim state to being fully completed. For the next month we will be back in this area finishing up the curb work, installing accessibility ramps and widening out the sidewalks. Similar to last year, there will be nightwork involved and we will be staging the noisiest work earlier on in the evenings whenever possible.


2) Add-On Rehabilitation Work

Begins Mid-July (will be ongoing)

In an effort to increase efficiencies and avoid multiple disruptions to citizens, the following structures will be rehabilitated while we’re already in the area:

  • Southbound Crowchild Trail bridge (over Bow Trail)
    • This work will involve a continuous single lane closure along southbound Crowchild Trail (over Bow Trail); access to the Bow Trail/City Centre exit ramp will be maintained.
  • Westbound Bow Trail ramp to southbound Crowchild Trail (over Bow Trail)
    • Associated lane and ramp closures will be scheduled during off-peak hours.


3) New Signalized Intersection: 10 Avenue S.W. & Bow Trail

Begins July – End of August

The road and tie-in work has begun, and by the end of this summer we’ll have a new signalized intersection installed to help improve traffic flow in this area.


4) New Signalized Crossing: Parkdale Boulevard & Kensington Road N.W.

Begins July – End of August

By the end of this summer, we will have a brand new signalized crossing added along Parkdale Boulevard so pedestrians and cyclists have a dedicated, more direct connection to the Bow River Pathway.


5) Relocation Of The Westbound Bow Trail To Northbound Crowchild Trail Ramp

Begins August (approx. one month)

The new westbound 10 Avenue S.W. ramp has been built and now we can relocate the westbound Bow Trail ramp to the right-hand side of Crowchild Trail as well.

Once complete, the 10 Avenue S.W. merge condition onto Crowchild Trail will be eliminated and traffic from both the westbound 10 Ave S.W. and Bow Trail ramps will join together and enter northbound Crowchild Trail as a dedicated, added right-hand lane.


6) Installation Of Permanent Signals: Crowchild Trail & Kensington Road N.W.

Begins this summer (approx. two months)

Last year the additional northbound lane was added through this intersection, now we’re coming back to install the permanent signals including the remaining roadworks and landscaping.


7) Construction Of Noise Walls

Begins this summer

Construction on the below noise walls will begin this summer, with landscaping to follow.