Waste & Recycling Services Update – November 2020

5 Ideas for How to Clean Your Recyclables

Recyclables need to be empty, clean and dry so they can be sorted properly at the recycling facility, prevent other recyclables from getting wet and dirty, and ensure they will be turned into new products.

  1. If you wash dishes by hand, use the dirty dishwater to clean off food residue from your containers.
  2. Take a used paper towel or napkin leftover from dinner to wipe food residue from the container, then compost the food-soiled paper.
  3. After emptying your liquid laundry detergent, remove the lid and add the whole container into the laundry to clean both your clothes and the container out.
  4. For containers with small openings, use a bottle brush or straw cleaner to scrape out the last bits.
  5. Use a spatula to scrape out hard-to-clean containers such as peanut butter, or store near-empty containers upside down to get the last amounts out to use.

Find more ideas at calgary.ca/recycle

Collection Day Changes

Winter green cart schedule starts in November
The seasons are changing and so is your green cart collection. Starting in November, your green cart will be picked up once every other week. Weekly green cart collection will resume in the spring.

Holiday collection schedule changes
There is no bin pick up on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day for single-family homes.

If your blue, green, or black cart collection normally falls on one of these days, your collection day will be three days later on Monday:

  • Christmas Day (Friday, Dec. 25, 2020) pick up will move to Monday, Dec. 28, 2020.
  • New Year’s Day (Friday, Jan. 1, 2021) pick up will move to Monday, Jan. 4, 2021.

Regular Friday collection will resume on Jan. 8, 2021.

Visit calgary.ca/collection to check your schedule and sign up for reminders, or download the Calgary Garbage Day app.








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