About Us


  • Office Manager
  • Linda Van Holst
  • 403-284-3477
  • brntwdca@telus.net
  • Arena/Facility Manager
  • Steve Dietrich
  • 403-284-3477
  • stevebwc@telus.net
The Association is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and by Special Representatives appointed by the Board. Learn more about Board Members and Special Representatives by clicking the link below.
Click here to access a listing of the current members.


  • President: Bonita McCurry
  • Past President: Casper Valstar
  • Vice President: Kirk Osadetz
  • Secretary: Kimberly Coutts
  • Treasurer: Melissa Neville
  • Old Community Hall: Casper Valstar
  • Brentwood Bugle Editor: Kelli Wreford
  • Development and Transportation: Kirk Osadetz
  • Development and Transportation:Melanie Swailes
  • Civic Affairs Coordinator: Kirk Osadetz
  • Director: Peter Johnson
  • Director: Jessica Wiseman
  • Director: Nathan Hildenbrandt
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Irma Lambert
  • Hockey: Graham Matheos
  • Hockey: Stovel Ferguson
  • Casino Coordinator: Matthew Emmett
  • Memberships: Marie Weninger-Henderson
  • Nose Hill Park: Kirk Osadetz

Special Representatives

  • 55+ Bridge Group: Roman Makar
  • Scrabble Group: Office
  • Environment: Polly Lee Knowlton Cockett
  • Figure Skating and Canskate: Ena MacDonald
  • Playgroup: Larysa Hart
  • Soccer: Lindsey Rostoker
  • Seniors: Heather Collingridge
  • Outdoor Ice Coordinator: Graham Matheos
  • Outdoor Ice Coordinator: Stovel Ferguson
  • Community Garden: Cynthia Sim
  • Banquet Hall, Boardroom, Registration: Linda Van Holst (Office)

Directors' Meetings

Directors’ meetings are held the last Tuesday of each month except for July and December.
Members of the public are welcome, however please contact the office in advance of attending.

Members' Meetings

The Annual General Meeting of Members is held in September of each year.


Click here if you would like to review the Brentwood Community Association Bylaws.