Let’s Make Blakiston Park Better, Together


Blakiston Park Design Development Plan

UPDATE from The City of Calgary September 2nd, 2016

After a successful tender process to hire a contractor this May, Calgary Parks had to put the Blakiston Park project on hold. The expected funding from ENMAX did not occur, due to the current economic situation, leaving the construction of the park only partially funded.  The city engaged in internal discussions and an alternate source of funding for the project was approved, which restored the full construction funding.


The construction of Blakiston Park will start this September, but the scope will be limited, given the lateness of the season. We will be working on limited construction in the northwest half of the park. In late fall or winter, the contractor will also be removing trees in the park, as we have identified numerous trees that will have to be removed for tree health, for safety reasons, or to enable future park improvements. Next summer we will complete the bulk of the improvements, including planting replacement trees for the park.


Thank you for your patience and please respect the necessary park closures that will be necessary to ensure public safety during construction.


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