City of Calgary Crowchild Trail Upgrades: July 2020 Update

We’d like to provide you with a few updates relating to the Crowchild Trail Upgrades Project and give you an overview of the construction activity that will occur from now through to the end of this summer:

1) Finishing Touches: Crowchild Trail & 5 Avenue N.W. Intersection

Begins August (approx. one month)

Now that this project is nearing completion, we’re coming back to this area to put some final touches on the intersection.

To avoid disturbing residents overnight, our crews will be taking advantage of the lighter traffic volumes and staging work between the hours of 6 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Those who walk and wheel will be temporarily detoured to opposite sides of the road so they can cross safely, and drivers will experience lane reductions and the temporary re-routing of turn lanes. Detour signage will be on-site.

2) 10 Avenue S.W.

Begins August (approx. one month)

Over the next few weeks we will begin the process of removing the detour we’ve had in place along 10 Avenue S.W. throughout construction. Please proceed through the area cautiously.

3) Crowchild Trail

Ongoing – End of the summer

Last month we finished paving along northbound Crowchild Trail (between Bow Trail & Memorial Drive) and the additional lane is now open. This past week we finished paving along southbound Crowchild Trail (south of the Bow River) and now the lanes are in their final configuration. As soon as the fresh pavement has cured, we’ll get the new lane lines painted. Then, we’ll do some final landscaping and clean up in the area and we’ll be out of there.

4) Add-On Rehabilitation Work

Ongoing – End of the summer

As previously mentioned, in an effort to increase efficiencies and avoid multiple disruptions to citizens, we’re rehabilitating the following structures while we’re already in the area:

  • Southbound Crowchild Trail Bridge (over Bow Trail) & Westbound Bow Trail to Southbound Crowchild Trail Ramp
    • The major rehabilitation components have been complete. We’ve got some minor work left to do, some clean up, and then we’ll move out of this area.
  • Westbound Memorial Drive Bridge (over Crowchild Trail)
    • Most of the necessary work under the bridge has been completed and our crews are now working up top.

We anticipate this work to go on until the end of this summer. Associated lane and ramp closures will continue until then and signage will be on-site to direct people travelling through the area accordingly.

We will continue to work closely with you as we near completion. We will also continue working closely with our City colleagues to ensure appropriate detours are in place for people who drive, walk and wheel and that emergency accesses are maintained. The most timely information will continue to be available on our project page.

City of Calgary
Crowchild Trail Upgrades




City of Calgary – FREE Summer Programs 2020


Free, family summer activities coming to your community > Join the fun

Our Free summer programs look a little different this year. Pre-register youth, families or older adults for an outdoor activity or a free performance in the park. We’ll be following guidelines for public health, ensuring we can run these programs safely. Visit for details.
Free programs include:
🌳 Nature play
🎵 Outdoor family entertainment
🍃 Exploring parks together
🌅 Youth leadership programs

Waste & Recycling Services Update – July 2020

Use grass clippings as mulch on your lawn

The next time you mow your yard, leave your grass clippings on the lawn instead of putting in the compost.

Grass clippings will quickly break down, returning nutrients to the soil for a healthy yard. Grass mulching will help you save time and effort from bagging up grass clippings, buying paper yard waste bags or needing to apply fertilizer to your lawn.

  • Cut grass when the surface is dry and keep mower blades sharp.
  • Follow the 1/3 rule: mow your lawn often enough so that no more than 1/3 your grass is cut. You may need to raise the height of your mower. This frequent mowing will produce short clippings that will break down quickly.
  • You can leave clippings on the lawn with almost any mower (push, electric or gas). Using your existing mower, simply remove the bag and leave the clippings on the lawn. Mulching mowers cut grass blades into smaller pieces, allowing the clippings to settle into your lawn without clumping. They are sold at most yard and garden stores, nurseries and home supply stores.

For more tips, visit


2020 Summer Bees

Join Us in Whispering Woods and the Centennial Natureground!


With this year’s 50th Anniversary of Earth Day in April with the theme of Climate Action, May’s annual International Day for Biological Diversity with the 2020 theme Our Solutions are in Nature, and June’s World Environment Day 2020’s call for urgent action to protect biodiversity – all in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems like the perfect year to join in with communal stewardship right here in Brentwood – with plenty of space to keep 2 metres apart.

SUMMER TUESDAYS: Join us for Biodiversity Bees!

Yes, we’ll be at it again – even if physically distanced!  If you live, work, attend school, play, shop, volunteer, or visit in Brentwood – or would like to – please join us this summer for another season of social stewardship through biodiversity conservation in the Centennial Natureground and Whispering Woods – tucked away in the NW corner of Brentwood.  This year, due to the ongoing pandemic, each attendee will need to Bring Your Own Everything, such as gloves, tools, snacks, sunblock, insect repellent, small collection bucket [such as an ice cream pail], and your drinking water. The only things shared will be the larger collection container for litter and weeds, along with distanced and delightful conversation.

Please join us and become part of the unfolding stories of inspiring community building and care in our local natural areas – especially welcomed in these crazy times. We will be meeting on all 11 Tuesdays between the Solstice and Labour Day from June 23 to September 1st. We’ll start with six evenings [6:00-8:00 p.m.], taking advantage of the early summer’s lingering light, followed by five mornings [9:00-11:00 a.m.] in August and September. The final gathering will also be our annual season ending Celebration, though instead of a Potluck, it will be a Bring Your Own Everything Picnic [11:00 a.m. onwards].

  9-11 a.m. 6-8 p.m. BYOE PICNIC
August 4 MORNING
September 1 MORNING 11:00 a.m. Onwards

Calgarians have repeatedly demonstrated delight in getting to know their neighbours through shared activities of all sorts. You are heartily encouraged to enjoy such camaraderie by joining these fun and festive Community Biodiversity Bees.

  • Bring your families; Bring your friends!
  • Make an outing of the occasion and enjoy the full opportunities provided by the area’s recreation, gardening, and gathering spaces.
  • Play. Socialize. Learn. Help. No experience required!
  • Strengthen and Sustain your community through conversation, collaboration, and celebration.
  • Keep Your Distance throughout and BYOE!

Meet at the Prairie Amphitheatre in Whispering Woods, just off Brenner Drive NW, or in the adjacent Centennial Natureground on the west side of Dr. Coffin School, at 5615 Barrett Drive NW. Dress for the weather, and for gardening. We will be working in both Whispering Woods and the Centennial Natureground. Arrive and assist as you’re willing and able, and please remember to bring your own everything, as mentioned above.

Environmentally yours, Polly Lee Knowlton Cockett

Grassroutes Ethnoecological Association,



City of Calgary Crowchild Trail Upgrades: Upcoming Paving Work

Paving over and south of the Bow River will take place this weekend June 18 to 22, 2020.  Please expect traffic impacts as indicated in the photo.

A quick recap:

  • Thurs. @ 9p.m. – Mon. @ 9p.m.
      • Major delays due to single lane traffic in both directions along Crowchild Tr. (between Bow Tr. & Memorial Dr.).
  • Fri. @ 7p.m. – Mon. @ 9p.m.
      • The eastbound Memorial Dr./Parkdale Blvd. to southbound Crowchild Tr. ramp will be CLOSED.
      • The southbound Crowchild Tr. to 12 Ave S.W. East (via 10 Ave S.W.) ramp will be CLOSED.
  • Fri. @ 9p.m. – Sat. @ 1p.m.
      • The westbound Bow Tr. to southbound Crowchild Tr. ramp will be CLOSED.
  • Sat. @ 6a.m. – 9a.m.
      • The northbound Crowchild Tr. to westbound Memorial Dr. ramp will be CLOSED.
  • Effective Monday
      • For those traveling southbound on Crowchild Trail over the river, the far right-hand lane will be temporarily converted into an exit-only lane to the 12 Ave S.W. East (via 10 Ave) ramp. To continue going southbound, you’ll need to merge over a lane. This configuration will be in place for approximately two weeks.

The most timely information is available on the City’s project page.



Dear Glenbow: Write a Letter to the Museum!

Dear Glenbow: Collecting Letters From Our Community

Hello Friends! We’re inviting all Calgarians and Albertans to participate in a community collecting initiative. Send us a letter, photo or drawing and tell us about your life right now – your story will be added to Glenbow Museum’s permanent collection to record the historic moment we’re living through in Alberta (for now and for future generations).

Check out our website for some suggested questions to get you started on what to write in your letters. 

Send your letters to:

Dear Glenbow
Attention Collections Manager, Glenbow Museum
130 9 Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta T2G 0P3

Or by email to

We’ll also accept social posts – use #DearGlenbow and make sure you tag @Glenbow on Twitter and @GlenbowMuseum on Facebook or Instagram

We’re accepting submissions until July 31, 2020. 

130 9th Ave S.E.
Calgary, AB T2G 0P3

June 2020 Brentwood Updates, Events and City Surveys

Lots happening despite the Covid restrictions!  Here’s a run-down of events, updates and some City surveys.

  1. Brentwood Cares / Volunteer Opportunities

The Brentwood Community Association and the coordinators of Brentwood Cares want to thank each of you for your willingness to help out our community through Brentwood Cares.  Special thanks to Bonita, Lisa, Liza, Cam, Susan and so many others for their efforts!

We had over 50 amazing volunteers ready and willing to help those who needed assistance throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. With the city and province re-opening, the intent of The Brentwood Cares initiative is shifting to provide ongoing support of the community.

Please stay tuned to the Brentwood Community Association website for ongoing opportunities to volunteer.

  1. Carroll Place Volunteering

Posters are up at Carroll place, logistics are being worked out for completing Police checks and confidentiality agreements. Thanks to all those who have offered to help.

  1. Brentwood Food Library – Saturday, June 20 Food and Toiletry collection

The little food library/pantry on 3624 Boulton Rd is as active as ever, and stocked on a daily basis (if not sometimes twice). Thank you to our community for providing that little extra for our neighbours who may be struggling at this time. Many of you continue to stop by and have put the food library on your grocery list!

In addition to offering care to our close neighbours, Brentwood residents also collected generous hampers that were donated to workers of the meat plants who were struggling with COVID-19. For many workers who were fairly new to Canada, this kindness was a very welcome surprise.

Brentwood Cares would like to continue restocking our pantry over the summer and we need your help! If you are able to drop off any food or toiletry items on the doorstep of 3624 Boulton Rd on Saturday June 20th between 1-6pm, we will be home and happy to say hi. I will save those items for times when the food library is low or empty. If that date does not work –come by any time to drop items in the library or in the box by my door. Liza can be reached at

  1. Food Bank Hamper Delivery

BCA volunteers continue to make deliveries every 2-4 weeks for the Calgary Food Bank in the N.W. They are looking to build a list of 10 volunteers interested in providing continued support for the Food Bank through the summer. The Food Bank has a depot in the NW on Centre St:  it takes about an hour to complete a delivery.

Interested in helping? Please email Cam at

  1. June 20th – Neighbour Day

Neighbour Day started in 2014 in honour of the incredible support and generosity Calgarians showed after the 2013 floods. This year, because of Covid-19, events will be run differently, but there are still many ways to get involved.

See more info on the City of Calgary website page, including a scavenger hunt and family activities.

  1. June 26th – Deadline for Next 20 Survey (City of Calgary)

How do you think the City should grow and change over the next 20 years?  What aspects of Brentwood are most important to you?

These are very important questions, as the City is currently reviewing proposed amendments to the Municipal Development Plan and the Calgary Transportation Plan.  A summary of the amendments and background information is available on

Please provide your input as these revised plans will guide future policies and decisions about how our community will undergo changes and redevelopment.

  1. State of the City Report

On the above Next 20 website, under the “Findings of the Review”, you will find some key documents:

  • State of the City Report: some very interesting data on current patterns of grown in Calgary.
  • Summary Document: This document lists the various planning and policy work underway which will support the MDP and CTP, such as the Guidebook for Great Communities, Multi-Community Plans, and Land Use Bylaw renewal
  • Summary of Proposed Revisions: This document summarizes the proposed changes to the MDP and CTP
  1. Calgary Roadways Activity Map

Wondering about when roads in our area will be repaved?  Check out this interactive map:

(Northmount Drive and John Laurie Blvd are both slated for 2021.)

  1. Explore Your Street Survey

The City of Calgary is collecting your input to help understand how neighbourhood streets around the city are used by Calgarians walking, wheeling and taking transit. Share your experiences, observations, drawings and photos of how the streets in your community are used.

  1. Public Art – New Direction

Do you love or hate the “big blue ring” (aka “Travelling Light”)?  How do you think money should be spent on public art?  Please share your thoughts on this survey:

  1. Crowchild Trail Updates

If you regularly travel Crowchild Trail, check the paving schedules before you leave home:

  1. Development Map Calgary

Wondering about a development near you?  The City has added more information to its Development Map:  you can find information re permits, land use designations, or contact info for further information.

  1. Registered Secondary Suite Map

This map lists legal and safe secondary suites in Calgary which have obtained all necessary permits and have been inspected to meet Alberta’s Safe Code requirements.

  1. Brentwood Art Night – TBA

Stay tuned!  BCA members are currently setting up “art package” with local art supply store.  Keep checking the BCA website and the Facebook page for updates.

Stay safe and healthy!

Neighbour Day 2020!

Celebrate Neighbour Day virtually on June 20, 2020

Held annually on the third Saturday of June, Neighbour Day is a yearly celebration of Calgary’s strong community spirit. It started in 2014 in honour of the incredible support and generosity Calgarians showed after the 2013 floods. Now it’s an opportunity to connect with our neighbours, show how we care for each other and celebrate how we make Calgary a great city.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever that we connect with our neighbours, but we must remember to practice physical distancing to keep everyone safe. The City is encouraging all Calgarians to plan and host virtual events – you can even invite Mayor Nenshi or your local councillor!

Visit for printable tools, challenges, and ideas, like the Neighbour Day Scavenger Hunt, created in partnership with Sunalta Community Association and the Federation of Calgary Communities.

Remember to share your Neighbour Day celebrations on social media using #yycNeighbourDay for a chance to be featured on City channels. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating Neighbour Day on June 20, 2020!

Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!