CLICK HERE to register and pay online for the June 30th, 2017 150th Canada Day Celebration!
Tickets may also be purchased at the Brentwood Community Association office at the Brentwood Sportsplex Mon - Fri 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.
WHEN:  July 9th, 2017  8:00 am to 9:30 am
WHERE:  Hope Lutheran Church
               3527 Boulton Road NW
* thanks to Starbucks, Menchies, Cora and Petals 'N Blooms for donating coffee, crepes and door prizes!
You are welcome to join us for worship at 10:00 am.

Blue Cart Recycling Tip of the Month


Say no to Stringy Things!

Hoses, electrical cords and rope, oh my! Because they get caught in the machines at the recycling facility, keep stringy things out of your blue cart.


If it dangles, it will cause a tangle! Please do not put these items in your blue cart.

  • No garden hoses
  • No  rope, string or yarn
  • No electrical cords, cables or wire
  • No Christmas tree lights

What should I do with these items instead?

  • If the item is still usable, consider donating to charity, giving to family or friends or posting on an online bartering site like Kijiji.
  • If the item is broken, it should go in your black cart as garbage.
  • Still not sure what to do with your stringy item? Use the online search tool at to find the answers.


Meeting on the last Thursday of every month in the Brentwood Community Association Boardroom (upper level of the Brentwood Sportsplex).

First meeting is scheduled for Thurs Nov 24 from 7:00-8:30 p.m.

Please be sure to drop by to learn more about concussions and how easily this injury happens, what are the symptoms, what is involved for recovery.
You will get to hear from those whose lives have been affected by this highly misunderstood injury and what their recovery process has been like. 

No two concussions are the same and there are many factors that can affect both the severity and recovery.

You will also learn about how multiple concussions throughout your lifetime can have serious consequences.

For further information, please check out their Facebook page and be sure to attend their meetings -