Hockey Program

Northwest Warriors Hockey

Brentwood and Edgemont families require a Brentwood Family Membership ($35) plus are required to volunteer at the community level or have the option to pay out their volunteer commitment.

*The Northwest Warriors registration link will be emailed to you by the Brentwood registration program once you have purchased your Hockey Volunteer Deposit or Hockey Non-Volunteer Payout.*

You are required to purchase:

a)  Family Membership 2019/2020 $35.00

b)  One of the below 2 options for each hockey participant:

  1. Hockey Volunteer Deposit – Refundable 2019/2020 $200 (You select 2 volunteer shifts at the Brentwood Sportsplex arena.  Upon completion of your volunteer shifts your $200 will be refunded.)
  2. Hockey Non-Volunteer Payout 2019/2020 $200

House League Hockey

There is no volunteer requirement.  Purchase your Family Membership ($35) then contact for your Northwest Warriors registration link.
CLICK HERE to purchase your membership and volunteer options.
Hire a Student to work your volunteer shifts (optional) – CLICK HERE for more information.