Grey Cup Road Closures

GREY CUP November 24th, 2019

Road Closures etc around McMahon Stadium

  • The closures will be in effect from 1000 – 2200 hrs.
  • There will be no public parking at the stadium.
  • Crowchild TR will be reduced to two lanes for north and southbound.
  • Southbound University DR will be closed from 24 AV NW to 16 AV ramps.
  • Northbound University DR will be closed from the 16 AV ramps to 24 AV except for taxis and Ubers.
  • Banff TR will be closed at the Holiday INN just south of 23 AV NW.
  • 23 AV NW will be closed.
  • The service road in Motel Village will also be used for a taxi pickup and drop off.
  • Road closure maps CLICK HERE













Bobcats in Brentwood

Several bobcats have been seen in Brentwood especially in the area of Bannerman Drive.  A bobcat attacking a human is extremely unlikely, as they hunt rabbits, hares and small mammals like mice and squirrels.  Bobcats are opportunistic hunters and may attack domestic pets.  It is suggested to keep cats indoors and have small dogs supervised as they may be vulnerable.  More information and tips to prevent bobcats from coming into your property and steps to take when bobcats are encountered can be found here:

The Alberta government is responsible for wildlife management.  Fish & Wildlife officers receive many reports of bobcat sightings each year; they will respond when an animal is injured, makes contact with a person or there are some other extraordinary circumstance. Again, citizens can obtain more information by accessing: City of Calgary Community Peace Officers are not trained in the handling or capture of wildlife nor are equipped to trap or immobilize wildlife.