Supper Club 2022

Dear Friends and Neighbours

This year we are launching our 3rd Annual Supper Club a joint project of Brentwood Cares, Migrante Alberta and Alberta Assembly of Social Workers We invite you to join!  Supper Club began at the peak of the pandemic, when several Brentwood and other families reached out through our isolated spaces to drop off a meal with neighbours who are temporary migrant workers – living far from their families. Many of the workers are from the Philippines or Mexico, where big family Christmas celebrations are the tradition. Why not join us this year between December 23rd and 25, to build a community of care at a time when many faiths and cultures celebrate or mark important occasions!

You can participate in 1 of 2 ways:

  1. Sign up to cook and drop off a meal with migrant workers (adults or family) on Dec 23 to 25. If you can cook but not drop the food, our volunteers can help.

  2. Those unable to share a meal are welcome to choose options like monetary contributions, gift cards, gifts for families or meal that can be purchased ($15/meal) through etransfer to

Please sign up or donate prior to Dec 15th so that we can confirm the support for the workers. Did you know that this fall Canada has more migrant workers than ever? Supper Club is more than a donation – we are building community through kindness and relationships.

Interested, questions? please contact

Liza: 403.606.6949 email:  or Nellie•. 403-397-7173  email:


Supported by Brentwood Cares!

Cookies & Cards for Carroll Place

Too many cookies? Share some Holiday joy with the seniors at Carroll Place. We’re waiting for the list to come. Send a Card and some cookies (~12 or so).

We’ll give contact information when we get it. When dropping off – ring the buzzer for your senior. Perhaps call ahead to they know you are coming.

Signup – Add your name to Google Doc – Carroll Place Cookies and Cards 2022 or email


Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all,

Brentwood Cares!

Brentwood Cares! Annual Donation Drive

Bottle and Book Drive – 3624 Boulton Rd Dec 11th 12 to 3pm

Bottles for Support Girls Schooling in Pakistan! Help local teens support girls education in Pakistan. This year there will be home baking samples by the teens as a thank you for helping.

Books and Games for Carroll Place Carroll Place is in need of new books (any topic – romance, mystery, crime, non-fiction, biography, cooking) and games to renew there library and common room. Need to create space on your book shelf or games cupboard?  Drop off on Sunday Dec 11th with your bottles. Miss Sunday? get another copy on the holidays, drop at Carroll Place ring 0510 (Office), no answer – leave in the lobby with a sticky note marked library.


Winter Clothing Drive for Migrant Agricultural Workers

Every January, thousands of Migrant Agricultural Workers arrive in Canada where they work hard to put food on our tables. Brentwood is helping those who help put food on our tables stay warm this winter. For people in Mexico and Central America, it’s hard to imagine what -25 C is like. Please donate new or gently used men’s and ladie’s coats, jackets, scarves, mittens, gloves, tuques, socks or winter boots. Sizes: S, M, L & XL. Donations can be dropped with Liza at 3624 Boulton Rd NW from December 2022 to January 2023 (you can leave them at the front door if no one is home).


Brentwood Little Food Library

The Brentwood Little Library is seeing increased demand, could you pick up a little extra to share? Check your pantry? We’re also collecting special foods, candy or small gift items to bring some extra joy over the holidays. Text 405.606.6949 to arrange pickup of cash, gift cards or freeze sensitive goods.  Examples of winter stable foods like nuts, peanut butter, fish in oil, rice/pasta, cereal and dried fruit.

Supported by Brentwood Cares!

BuddyUp Art Night

When: Thursday Dec 8, 7:30-9:00pm

Where: Brentwood Community Association Sportsplex
             1520 Northmount Dr NW

Register here:

Buddy Up is a suicide prevention campaign by men for men, encouraging them to have real conversations with their buddies and to support them if they’re struggling with thoughts of suicide.

Did you know that:

  • 3x males die by suicide compared to fem
  • Males are 3x more likely to die by suicide than a car accident
  • The peak number of suicides is ages 50-59.

Introduction to Sketching
Join this workshop to learn sketching basics and enjoy a fun, creative evening. Your sketching instructor, Kui Wang will provide step by step instructions to help you learn and master sketching techniques to draw and complete your projects. All are welcome.

This art workshops is part of “Build Up Week”, the National Men’s Suicide Prevention Program – BuddyUp. Cam Howey, who is working on the program, will give a short presentation about this program at the beginning of the workshop.

About the artist
: Kui is a professional artist and an experienced art teacher based in Calgary Canada, whose works have been widely exhibited on a national level, as well as in his native country China. Relationships between people, and between humans and nature have always fascinated him. Kui is passionate about portraying these themes using lines and colors in various media. Through water-based painting materials, he masters time, moisture, and shades of colors in his expressive pieces. In addition, he also employs traditional Chinese calligraphy techniques through oil.

If you’d like to share this event, here is a link to the poster: 

A look ahead at the Buddy Up schedule of events:
Dec 5-11  is  Build Up Week Work on a Project:  Build a birdhouse, Go to an Art class, Make a toy




Supported by Brentwood Cares!

Holidays and Christmas in Brentwood – Let’s All Help Make It Magical

Little Library Holiday Food Drive – Plus Books & Games for Carroll Place Saturday Dec 4

Special Holiday Food Drive 1-3pm at 3624 Boulton Rd.  Help us refill the pantry with winter staple foods like nuts, rice/pasta, cereal and dried fruit. The pantry is almost empty! Did you know this year we’re helping out a young family with a baby? Donations of baby foods are extra helpful.

We’re also collecting special foods, candy or small gift items to bring some extra joy over the holidays.

Some of last year’s magic at the Little Food Library – so nice to bring Joy.

If you would like to donate cash or a gift card or have freeze sensitive goods– please use the mailbox for the cash or gift cards and ring the bell or text 405.606.6949 so it gets picked up.

Books and Games for Carroll PlaceCarroll Place is in need of new books (any topic – romance, mystery, crime, non-fiction, biography, cooking) and games to renew their library and common room. Need to create space on your book shelf or games cupboard?  Drop off on Saturday or if you miss Saturday drop off at Carroll Place; ring 0510 (Office), no answer – leave in the lobby with a sticky note marked library.

Carroll Place Cookies and Cards 2021


Too many cookies? Share some holiday joy with the seniors at Carroll Place. We’re waiting for the list to come. Send a Card and some cookies (~12 or so). We’ll give contact information when we get it. When dropping off – ring the buzzer for your senior. Perhaps call ahead to let them know you are coming.Signup – Add your name to Google Doc – Carroll Place Cookies and Cards 2021 or email

Christmas Hampers – We Have Two This Year – Can You Help?

This year we have two families, both with young children (Family H 15 (f), 13 (m), 8 (m); Family M 15(f), 8(f)). Could you perhaps take a few items on the list? Pickup a gift-card when shopping?Drop Hamper Items (marked Family H or M and who it’s for) at:1328 Northmount Drive NW (Bonita’s)Phone 403-988-4839 or Email: is Dec 11th) Hamper list is posted here,  please update list, extra to be used across hampers.You can also leave Bonita a message with items you will/have covered.

Supper Club 2021 Would you like to join SUPPER CLUB 2021?  We had such success with our very first Supper Club 2020.  Thirty families and individuals from Brentwood and surrounding communities made a few extra portions of their Christmas or holiday meal and shared this with a migrant worker family from the Philippines or Mexico. As we know, many families continue to struggle with financial limitations and isolation during this time. Supper Club reaches out to build a community of care at a time when many faiths and cultures celebrate or mark important occasions. What do you have to do? Sign up to share a meal with a migrant family, which can be dropped off between December 23 and 25th.Interested?  Please contact Binu: 403-617-4469 Liza: 403-606-6949 Email:

We will be hosting a Zoom gathering/karaoke evening on the 24th for anyone who would like to join. If you prefer to contribute through a donation and/or prefer that one of the organizers drops your meal to the family, we have volunteers ready.

Help us build a map of all homes with Christmas lights.  Register by emailing your address to

The street with the most houses registered gets to win bragging rights on Neighbor Day 2022 as Best Lit Street in Brentwood!

Warm Clothes – We’re Helping Bear Clan Share Warmth This Winter

The Bear Clan Patrol Calgary is an Indigenous led,grassroots group providing safety and security in the community. They provide basic needs and community care all year round.Have extra warm clothes (hats, scarfs, mitts, coats or snowpants)? This year we’re collecting for Bear Clan to bring warmth to those in need here in Calgary this winter. With the call of reconciliation this year, perhaps a small way to help.Drop off new or gently used items at 3624 Boulton Rd; please have in a plastic bag – you might need to leave on the porch if no one is home. You can also contact the Bear Clan directly to donate clothes or other items at bearclanyyc@gmail.comCash donations are greatly appreciated. Donate through

Temporary Foreign Workers 2021 Drive Dec 9th 11am – 9pmWe’ve all learned how important temporary foreign workers are to our food supply and helping in many frontline roles. This Year Brentwood Cares is supporting a basic needs drive for the migrant workers including winter clothes, personal hygiene items, Superstore gift cards, cash donations and bus tickets. Joan & Randy’s drop in fundraiser “Migrante Alberta Christmas Support 2021”RSVP to by December 7thDrop off is Thursday, December 9th between 11 am – 9 pm at 228-30th Ave NE Miss the Fundraiser? – alternate drop-off at 3624 Boulton Rd. Text 405.606.6949 to arrange.

Snow Angels:

Brentwood Snow Angels are back in service.  If you need help or would like to join the crew, email  or call Cam at 587 432 0013Better yet, choose to clear the sidewalk for a senior or perhaps another neighbour who could use some help.

Brentwood Snow Art – Make Winter Magical (on your Car or Lawn)

Have a winter awe walk  Frequent CBC Health expert Jenn Moss spoke earlier this year about awe walks, a walk where you intentionally shift your attention outward instead of inward. Catch a mother and child playing, a couple holding hands, kids being silly, a beautiful bird at a feeder or a gorgeous mural on a fence or garage door. Take advantage of the Brentwood is Beautiful map to plan your awe walks.

Winter solstice and Christmas are coming, days will soon be starting to get longer. Thanks so much to all the help people have given in 2021. If you need help this winter, please reach out.  All the best for Christmas, the holidays and 2022, Bonita McCurryPresident Brentwood Community Association

Brentwood and National Truth and Reconciliation Day

Brentwood and National Truth and Reconciliation Day

Tomorrow is the first National Truth and Reconciliation Day, this year has been an awakening for many in Brentwood, Calgary, Canada and around the world of the devastating loss of innocent lives at our residential schools.

Mortality rates of children in residential schools were many times higher than for the settler children. In 1907 Dr Peter Bryce reported TB mortality was about 20 times higher in residential schools., his 1922 report was largely ignored. And the recently found unmarked graves are just part of the story, Dr Bryce documented how many students were sent home to die, in one case he found 69 per cent of former students died after they left one school.

Making Visible our Shared History: The Context for Renaming Institutionsco-hosted by Brentwood Cares, where Crystal Fraser (UofA) and Sara Komarnisky, presented a slide deck on residential schools and the 150 Acts of Reconciliation they created in 2017. Crystal mentioned the issue of children being sent home to die, the shocking numbers we’ve heard, is only part of the story.

UofC Dr Tiffany Dionne Prete, has raised how individual Canadians, Europeans, perhaps ourselves, parents or grandparents helped fun residential schools – How donors from Canada and Europe helped fund Indian Residential Schools It’s not just a church or government issue of responsibility.

Calgary National Truth and Reconciliation Day Events and Listings:

  • On Sept 30 at noon, the City of Calgary livestream their event ca/live.
  • The Calgary Foundation has many events listed for this week and Sept 30th, including walks, talks, an Indigenous writers’ panel, a film screening, and more.

One example of the many events:

Expanding Our Relations: Oral concepts of understanding Sept 30 1- 3pm

The following Calgary buildings and structures will be illuminated orange in honour of National Truth and Reconciliation Day:

Arts Commons

Historic City Hall

Reconciliation Bridge

Calgary Tower

Olympic Plaza

Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium

Glenbow Museum

TELUS Spark Science Centre


Perhaps choose a talk, walk or another event to participate in Sept 30th. Maybe a discussion at the dinner table about people you know who have been impacted by residential schools or stories that you’ve heard. Read an article, or start a book.

Please be careful and stay safe in what ever your choices, masking and physically distancing inside and out. Alberta is at a critical time, ICU’s are almost full and hospitalization rate continue to increase at alarming rates, up 33% from two weeks ago.

Brentwood Cares

Brentwood Community Association