Brentwood is Beautiful – Brentwood Walkway Mural Project Map

This project set out to

  • Make unique, beautiful places that people would want to seek out in our neighborhood regardless of the season

  • Build stronger connections among our Brentwood residents by engaging them in the walkway art project and

  • Encourage more walking in Brentwood by having a walkway map


Here is a link to the map.

Have fun exploring the many walkways and the greenstrip in our community, and enjoy the beautiful art!


The addresses of the murals are (in no particular order):

5436 Bannerman Drive NW (in the green space behind the house)
5104 Barron Drive NW
4943 Batchelor Crescent NW
3148 Breen Crescent NW
1328 Northmount Drive NW
68 Brown Cresent NW
3228 Barr Road NW
3003 Brentwood Boulevard NW
3831 Brooklyn Crescent NW
3252 Boulton Road NW
Brentwood Community Association