BuddyUp Art Night

When: Thursday Dec 8, 7:30-9:00pm

Where: Brentwood Community Association Sportsplex
             1520 Northmount Dr NW

Register here: https://buddyupartnight.eventbrite.ca/

Buddy Up is a suicide prevention campaign by men for men, encouraging them to have real conversations with their buddies and to support them if they’re struggling with thoughts of suicide. 


Did you know that:

  • 3x males die by suicide compared to fem
  • Males are 3x more likely to die by suicide than a car accident
  • The peak number of suicides is ages 50-59.

Introduction to Sketching
Join this workshop to learn sketching basics and enjoy a fun, creative evening. Your sketching instructor, Kui Wang will provide step by step instructions to help you learn and master sketching techniques to draw and complete your projects. All are welcome.

This art workshops is part of “Build Up Week”, the National Men’s Suicide Prevention Program – BuddyUp. Cam Howey, who is working on the program, will give a short presentation about this program at the beginning of the workshop.

About the artist
: Kui is a professional artist and an experienced art teacher based in Calgary Canada, whose works have been widely exhibited on a national level, as well as in his native country China. Relationships between people, and between humans and nature have always fascinated him. Kui is passionate about portraying these themes using lines and colors in various media. Through water-based painting materials, he masters time, moisture, and shades of colors in his expressive pieces. In addition, he also employs traditional Chinese calligraphy techniques through oil.

If you’d like to share this event, here is a link to the poster:  https://tinyurl.com/mp22y3f6 

A look ahead at the Buddy Up schedule of events:
Dec 5-11  is  Build Up Week Work on a Project:  Build a birdhouse, Go to an Art class, Make a toy




Supported by Brentwood Cares!

BCA Christmas Potluck and Talent Show

This event is a relaxed, no pressure evening where kids can have fun entertaining a crowd of friendly faces from their neighbourhood.

Play a song on the piano, sing a Christmas carol, share a dance routine, or a few Christmas riddles.

Whatever the kids decide to share, the accepting Brentwood audience will be eager to offer applause and support.

We welcome group or solo performances either a few seconds or minutes long.

We welcome whatever your child feels comfortable with including coming to participate as an audience member.

To help our MCs, please email brentwoodeventsyyc@gmail.com ahead of time to offer an idea of what your child would like to share and how many will be attending the event.

This will be a festive night to celebrate the holiday season.

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