City of Calgary Crowchild Trail Upgrades: Upcoming Paving Work

Paving over and south of the Bow River will take place this weekend June 18 to 22, 2020.  Please expect traffic impacts as indicated in the photo.

A quick recap:

  • Thurs. @ 9p.m. – Mon. @ 9p.m.
      • Major delays due to single lane traffic in both directions along Crowchild Tr. (between Bow Tr. & Memorial Dr.).
  • Fri. @ 7p.m. – Mon. @ 9p.m.
      • The eastbound Memorial Dr./Parkdale Blvd. to southbound Crowchild Tr. ramp will be CLOSED.
      • The southbound Crowchild Tr. to 12 Ave S.W. East (via 10 Ave S.W.) ramp will be CLOSED.
  • Fri. @ 9p.m. – Sat. @ 1p.m.
      • The westbound Bow Tr. to southbound Crowchild Tr. ramp will be CLOSED.
  • Sat. @ 6a.m. – 9a.m.
      • The northbound Crowchild Tr. to westbound Memorial Dr. ramp will be CLOSED.
  • Effective Monday
      • For those traveling southbound on Crowchild Trail over the river, the far right-hand lane will be temporarily converted into an exit-only lane to the 12 Ave S.W. East (via 10 Ave) ramp. To continue going southbound, you’ll need to merge over a lane. This configuration will be in place for approximately two weeks.

The most timely information is available on the City’s project page.



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