Spring Scavenger Hunt!

Are you ready? 

Use the map above or click here to download. Clues 1-8 can be found in the orange zone, 9-13 in the red zone, and 14-20 in the green zone. Blue lines are suggested walking routes. We challenge you to try all the zones, maybe all at once or in multiple outings. Answers can be found here.

Quick note: All clues can be seen from the sidewalk. Please respect your neighbor and stay off of private property. 

I. a) In 1974 this public establishment burned to the ground. Lucky for us, it was rebuilt albeit on a much smaller scale.

b) Ancient time keeping device.

c) H is for Handsome Harebells. 

2. Where the Barretts meet lies a gigantic Maple Leaf viewed only from the sky. 

3. I spy with my little eye a little red bridge.

4. Despite being driven multiple miles by many I have never left my parking spot.

5. This houses some ODR essentials.

6. A miniature guesthouse?  

7. A unique and pretty green iron fence.

8. Get your local honey here.

9. What’s Brentwood’s only architecturally historic resource?

10. People keep feeding me so others will not go hungry.

11. One of the very first people who lived in this neighbourhood was a lady named Pauline and her husband. They had a farm right here. This tennis court was their garden; the library was their farmstead. And they had a very faithful dog named Penny. If you look at the left side, we’ve got the barn to symbolize Pauline, and we’ve got the collie dog to symbolize Penny. What am I?

12. Many faces greet you when you walk past this building named after a famous explorer of Western Canada. 

13. Where do kites fly? 

14. How many pieces in rock pie?

15. Get fit with these _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  bars. 

16. Although a fire truck is stationed here it can’t respond to emergency calls. 

17. What do a web, a caterpillar, a bridge and slides have in common?

18. Park that’s missing a “U”.  

19. No matter what time of year wild roses can be found here.

20. Where can you stand and get hot pizza three ways within 75 m?

Bonus questions:

  1. How many of Brentwood’s streets are named after pirates?
  2. I am “stumped”. How many can you count on your walk?
  3. Though I may be little, I bring the gift of words to all for free. 


Did you enjoy the scavenger hunt as much as we did putting it together? 
Do you have any new clues or neat locations? 

Please send us your ideas! 

Watch out for the next scavenger hunt coming out this summer.
By Louise, Sue, Cam and Susan

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