Guidebook Updates & PUD Meeting May 5th, 2021

There have been some significant updates regarding the Guidebook for Great Communities.

  1. The new name is proposed to be the “Guide for Local Area Plans”, but since that has not been approved by Council, I will continue to refer to it as the “Guidebook”.
  2. The Guidebook is going to PUD (Planning and Urban Development) Committee on Wednesday, May 5th.
    You can find the Agenda here; item 7.1.
  3. The above link includes 13 Attachments from City Administration with all the proposed changes and details. There were 62 amendments proposed, so there is a lot of detail to review.
  4. What the link does NOT include is the Public Submissions.  We are not aware of why they are not included.  Public Submissions are a vital part of the documents for any Council meeting and we have asked for clarifications as to why they are not included.
  5. Public Submissions were due on Wednesday, April 28th at noon.  On behalf of the Brentwood CA, we submitted a letter.
  6. The City Report (the above link) was not made public until Friday, April 30th.  This meant that we had to submit our letter to be included in the Public Submissions 2 days before we knew what was going to be in the report.
  7. There is a multi-community letter asking for a delay.  It has been signed by 35 Community Associations representing 47 communities in 10 wards (including Brentwood).  There has been little time to learn about the many proposed changes, let alone communicate them to our residents.  We need time to share and collaborate with our CA and our residents before this document goes any further.
  8. Communities have set up their own website for posting information and links.  See to view some CA letters or other feedback.
  9. If you are interested in speaking at PUD on May 5th or still submitting a letter, you must register via this link:
  10. If you wish to watch the meeting, go to this link on the meeting date and there will be a link for a live stream.
  11. If you wish to send a letter directly, you may send an email to or to and ask that it be forwarded to all Councillors and the Mayor.

In summary, Council directed Administration to create a What We Heard Report based on 3 days’ worth of speakers at the Public Hearing from March 22 – 24, 2021.  The reports have been created but there has been no City-wide engagement on the proposed Guidebook amendments.

The Guidebook represents a major evolution to Planning that will directly impact every community, especially inner-City and Established Communities such as Brentwood.  In the Multi-Community letter, CAs have come together to ask for a delay:  Council needs to take the time needed to get this right.

Melanie Swailes
On behalf of the Development and Transportation Committee
Brentwood Community Association

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