In recent weeks, the Brentwood Community Association has heard from residents in 4 separate sections of Brentwood concerned about suspicious activities in their area.  Concerns include drug overdoses, loud parties, and speeding cars.  One house has been visited 22 times by police.  Another has twice had paramedics called to administer Naloxone to reverse the symptoms of a drug overdose.

The BCA is very concerned about these reported activities.  We encourage all Brentwood residents to remain alert and to report suspicious activity to the Calgary Police Service.  Our Brentwood Community Resource Officer is Constable Richard Marshall who can be reached on weekdays at 403-428-6342.

At night or on weekends, call the Police non-emergency number at 403-266-1234. It is very important to report any suspicious activities, thefts, car prowlings etc. so that the Calgary Police Service officers know about them. They may be able to increase the number of patrols in an area, but only if they know there is a need for it.


Other suggestions to protect your home and safety are:

  • Lock all doors and windows in your home, garage, car, and RV.
  • Consider putting locks on your gates.
  • Put away such items as bikes, toys, and skis.
  • Compile a list of the serial numbers on your possessions.
  • Take photos of valuable items.
  • Install security cameras in both the front and the back of your home.
  • Consider installing motion activated lights.
  • Consider putting your house number on your back fence or garage.
  • Report suspicious activity to Calgary Police (see numbers above).

If the suspicious activity is ongoing and it involves problem properties being used for specific illegal activities report it to SCAN (Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods) online at SCAN ALBERTA.

You might also wish to report ongoing suspicious activity to Councillor Sean Chu ( or MLA Jason Copping (

I encourage all residents to remain vigilant.

Bonita McCurry

President, BCA

Brentwood Community Association