New Lights at Brentwood’s Outdoor Skating Rink !

Thanks to the Parks Foundation Calgary and the City of Calgary, Brentwood residents will notice a new bright spot in the community.

You might not notice it now however come winter you will notice it for sure!

After over 60 years of faithful service to the Brentwood Community the outdoor rink lights have had an upgrade.  Poles have been straightened and painted and the old fixtures have been replaced with brighter and more energy efficient LED fixtures.

Many of you may not know that the Outdoor Rink and Skate Shack were Brentwood’s original ‘arena’ prior to the opening of the Sportsplex in 1977.

Brentwood Community was awarded funding through the Embrace the Outdoors Grant Program and that funding was put towards this project.

The goal is to provide enhanced outdoor recreational opportunities for communities and their surrounding areas.

Outdoor recreation was one of the only choices we had this past winter to keep young and old alike active during this past winter and it showed with the amount of use the Outdoor Rink had.

The Brentwood Community Association wants to give a big “THANK YOU” to Parks Foundation Calgary and the City of Calgary for their support of this project.

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