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What do the blanket zoning changes mean?

  • The majority of properties in Brentwood are zoned R-C1, which allows for one house on one property (plus an option for a secondary suite).
  • The proposal would change the base zoning from R-C1 to R-CG, which allows for rowhouses and multiplex units.  Each rowhouse unit may also contain a secondary suite, which means that on a standard lot, there could be 4 rowhouse units plus 4 suites, for a total of 8 units.
  • Find your address on this map to see if your property will be impacted:  Rezoning for housing (
  • R-CG zoning has 2 other major changes:  lot coverage and height.
  • Lot coverage:  An R-C1 house can cover a maximum of 45% of the lot, and most houses in Brentwood cover far less.  (Part of the reason there are so many fir trees in Brentwood is because there is space for them on private properties, even though they have a large spread at maturity.) An R-CG rowhouse can cover up to 60% of the lot.
  • Height:  An R-C1 house can be either 8.6 meters high (contextual) or maximum 10 meters high (discretionary).  An R-CG can be 11 meters high, an additional 3+ feet in height.
  • Blanket upzoning is a very substantial change – likely the biggest zoning change the City has ever implemented.
  • It would apply to every single R-C1 or R-C2 (duplex) property in Calgary.
  • Council will have to vote on and approve this proposal.  The date for the Public Hearing is April 22, 2024.

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