About Us

About Us


  • Office Manager
  • Linda Van Holst
  • 403-284-3477
  • office@brentwoodcommunity.com
  • Arena/Facility Manager
  • Steve Dietrich
  • 403-284-3477
  • Steve.Dietrich@brentwoodcommunity.com
The Association is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and by Special Representatives appointed by the Board.  Contact information listed below.


  • President: Bonita.McCurry@brentwoodcommunity.com
  • Vice President: Kirk.Osadetz@brentwoodcommunity.com
  • Secretary: Amy.Cieslak@brentwoodcommunity.com
  • Treasurer: Lisa.Boychuk@brentwoodcommunity.com
  • Events: Colleen Jones Events@brentwoodcommunity.com
  • Playgroup: Lindsay Ogden Playgroup@brentwoodcommunity.com
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Mohan.Sivagnanam@brentwoodcommunity.com
  • Development and Transportation: Melanie.Swailes@brentwoodcommunity.com
  • Membership: Marie.WeningerHenderson@brentwoodcommunity.com
  • Director: Nathan.Hildenbrandt@brentwoodcommunity.com
  • Director: Peter.Johnson@brentwoodcommunity.com

Special Representatives

  • 55+ Bridge Group: Roman.Makar@brentwoodcommunity.com
  • Scrabble Group: Office@brentwoodcommunity.com
  • Environment: PollyLee.KnowltonCockett@brentwoodcommunity.com
  • Figure Skating/Learn to Skate: Ena.MacDonald@brentwoodcommunity.com
  • Soccer: Samantha.McKee@brentwoodcommunity.com
  • Seniors: Office@brentwoodcommunity.com
  • Community Garden: Cynthia.Sim@brentwoodcommunity.com
  • Brentwood Bugle: Jonathan.Jucker@brentwoodcommunity.com
  • Hockey: Brad.Logel@brentwoodcommunity.com

Directors' Meetings

Directors’ meetings are held the last Tuesday of each month except for July and December.
Members of the public are welcome, however please contact the office in advance of attending.

Members' Meetings

The Annual General Meeting of Members is held in September of each year.


Click here if you would like to review the Brentwood Community Association Bylaws.

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