Bottle Drive April 20 – 28 for Canadian Association of Children’s Education in Pakistan

Start saving your empties! Bottle drive April 20 – 28

It’s that time again! Please help this amazing group of kids, Parisa, Hanya, Sebastian, Emilio and Leroy get enough money to support 3 girls in Pakistan to continue their education. Each year, the kids host a bottle drive and kids talent show to raise $1500. If you want to help, contact Liza Please start to securely (increased reports of theft) put bottles away for our bottle drive April 20-28. Brentwood Bottle drop location 3624 Boulton Road NW, text 403 606 6949 when dropping.  By donating bottles you can help educate girls and help change the world.

Supported by Brentwood Cares!

1 Year Anniversary Food Drive

1 Year Anniversary Food Drive – Our Little Food Library – Week of April 10-17

The Little Food Library has been helping feed Brentwoodians for almost a year, supporting those who have been hit the hardest by the pandemic. We have also met so many Brentwood neighbours who struggled with financial and food security on a daily basis even before COVID-19. The Little Food Library continues to provide quick, easy access to basic staples, while maintaining anonymity and the community spirit of ‘sharing’.

Saturday April 10th will be almost exactly one year since we started. Please drop-off non-perishable goods between 1:00 – 4:00pm Saturday (or when it works) at  3624 Boulton Rd. If you’d like to donate a gift card that works too – please place in envelope and text Liza at 403 606 6949, e-transfer works as well Liza Lorenzetti Bring your own coffee, mask and perhaps take a 10 person, 3m social break for a few minutes (1:00 -3:00pm). Weather permitted, we will be serving homemade treats and have distanced chairs set up on the lawn.

Thank you to everyone who contributed over the past year, here are some pictures showing Brentwood’s overwhelming generosity!

In keeping with the season, we ask for food items that are resistant to freezing such as dried soups, packaged grains, lentils, quinoa, chickpeas, beans, peas, pasta, packaged oatmeal and other cereals, peanut butter, coffee, pancake mix, biscuits, granola bars.

On warmer days, please consider donating items such as canned chili, chunky soups, canned fish of any type, tetra packs of almond, rice, soya or oat milk, spaghetti sauce, apple sauce and other canned fruit.
Supported by Brentwood Cares!

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