Brentwood Beautification

Brentwood Beautification Community Meeting – April 28th 7:30 pm

Brentwood Beautification has been on the Brentwood Cares agenda and dreams for a while, mid-April an initial meeting was held.

Our goals for  Brentwood Beautification:

  • Make unique, beautiful places that people would want to seek out in the neighborhood regardless of the season
  • Make Brentwood more walkable for residents and members of other communities
  • Build stronger connections among Brentwood residents by engaging them in the project

If you’d like to be part of Brentwood Beautification please email for meeting details.

Brentwood Community Cleanup & Contest!

Join your neighbours on the weekend of May 7-9 for a Brentwood-wide cleanup event & contest as we work together to make Brentwood beautiful!

The Brentwood Community Association, in partnership with Brentwood Cares and Horizon Church, invite you to join with us to clean up our neighbourhood together. Register your family or household to clean up a street, an alleyway, or a park near your house.
Our team will be providing clean up kits (garbage bags, masks, and gloves) to all those who register to take part in the clean up event. We will provide you with two bags in order to separate landfill trash and recyclables. Clean up kits will be delivered on Thursday, May 6th for you to use at the time you choose during the weekend-long event.
Every person/household that registers for this event will be eligible to win a prize pack, full of gift cards and other items from various local businesses and restaurants in the Brentwood community! In order to win, you must register via this event, and take a photo of you and your household cleaning up an area of Brentwood. You can post your photos to Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #betterbrentwood. All entries will be compiled and a winner will be drawn at random on Monday, May 10th!
Good luck, and let’s make Brentwood better together!

Thank you to our sponsors:

Brisebois Bees

Chelsea Barber Shop

Dingo Coffee Co.

Donair Palace

Essence of Saigon

Functional 45 Training

Joyful Java



Wami Ootoya

Brentwood Cares! invites you to our second “Teach Me” Series Event

The April “Teach me” event is about Wellness, Compassion & Kindness! Everyone is welcome!
This is an opportunity for our community to get together and discuss topics that can make a huge impact on our lives. It’s an opportunity to learn, grow, and inspire!
Click here to register

Supported by Brentwood Cares!

Spring Scavenger Hunt!

Are you ready? 

Use the map above or click here to download. Clues 1-8 can be found in the orange zone, 9-13 in the red zone, and 14-20 in the green zone. Blue lines are suggested walking routes. We challenge you to try all the zones, maybe all at once or in multiple outings. Answers can be found here.

Quick note: All clues can be seen from the sidewalk. Please respect your neighbor and stay off of private property. 

I. a) In 1974 this public establishment burned to the ground. Lucky for us, it was rebuilt albeit on a much smaller scale.

b) Ancient time keeping device.

c) H is for Handsome Harebells. 

2. Where the Barretts meet lies a gigantic Maple Leaf viewed only from the sky. 

3. I spy with my little eye a little red bridge.

4. Despite being driven multiple miles by many I have never left my parking spot.

5. This houses some ODR essentials.

6. A miniature guesthouse?  

7. A unique and pretty green iron fence.

8. Get your local honey here.

9. What’s Brentwood’s only architecturally historic resource?

10. People keep feeding me so others will not go hungry.

11. One of the very first people who lived in this neighbourhood was a lady named Pauline and her husband. They had a farm right here. This tennis court was their garden; the library was their farmstead. And they had a very faithful dog named Penny. If you look at the left side, we’ve got the barn to symbolize Pauline, and we’ve got the collie dog to symbolize Penny. What am I?

12. Many faces greet you when you walk past this building named after a famous explorer of Western Canada. 

13. Where do kites fly? 

14. How many pieces in rock pie?

15. Get fit with these _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  bars. 

16. Although a fire truck is stationed here it can’t respond to emergency calls. 

17. What do a web, a caterpillar, a bridge and slides have in common?

18. Park that’s missing a “U”.  

19. No matter what time of year wild roses can be found here.

20. Where can you stand and get hot pizza three ways within 75 m?

Bonus questions:

  1. How many of Brentwood’s streets are named after pirates?
  2. I am “stumped”. How many can you count on your walk?
  3. Though I may be little, I bring the gift of words to all for free. 


Did you enjoy the scavenger hunt as much as we did putting it together? 
Do you have any new clues or neat locations? 

Please send us your ideas! 

Watch out for the next scavenger hunt coming out this summer.
By Louise, Sue, Cam and Susan

Assistance for Seniors

Highlights below, click here to see a complete list

Update from the Kerby Centre Support Services

Kerby Centre recently updated the Support Services information on their website.   However due to COVID-19 the Centre itself is closed for public access and staff are working from home.  Despite COVID-19 their outreach programs continue.

Calgary Seniors 403-266-6200

SENIORS SOCIAL SUPPORTS – 65 years and over, targeted at those with limited social supports. With limited resources services maybe triaged based.

As the COVID-19 situation continues to unfold, Calgary Seniors has modified and adapted its current Seniors Social Support Programs to offer a fast, effective volunteer delivered set of services that will help address some of the most pressing concerns.

Supported by Brentwood Cares!

Bottle Drive April 20 – 28 for Canadian Association of Children’s Education in Pakistan

Start saving your empties! Bottle drive April 20 – 28

It’s that time again! Please help this amazing group of kids, Parisa, Hanya, Sebastian, Emilio and Leroy get enough money to support 3 girls in Pakistan to continue their education. Each year, the kids host a bottle drive and kids talent show to raise $1500. If you want to help, contact Liza Please start to securely (increased reports of theft) put bottles away for our bottle drive April 20-28. Brentwood Bottle drop location 3624 Boulton Road NW, text 403 606 6949 when dropping.  By donating bottles you can help educate girls and help change the world.

Supported by Brentwood Cares!

Join Brentwood Cares

Help Make Brentwood Better

We’d love to have more members.

You’ll have the first opportunity for the many activities and events.

When we need extra help for an event or to address a community need, you’ll see an email.

Perhaps we’ve sent a dozen or so in the past year.

Email if you would like to be added.

If you have any special skills or interests – please let us know.

Community Support Resources – 211 Alberta

What is 211 Alberta?

Covid-19 has brought unprecedented strain, financial hardship and challenges to families in Brentwood and around the world, 211 is a great resource to find help.

211 is free, confidential, multilingual and available 24/7

To reach 211, dial 2-1-1, text INFO to 211 or visit and click “live chat.”


Services include (short summary):

  • I need food, shelter and/or transportation
  • I need financial support to help pay my utility bill, rent and/or damage deposit
  • I need to find mental support
  • I need information on Government programs and phone numbers
  • I don’t know where to go for legal support
  • I am concerned about a friend or family member
  • I am looking for services for a client
  • I want to donate unused items for families in need
  • I’d like to volunteer to help others

To have access to thousands of other services, see more at


Supported by Brentwood Cares!

1 Year Anniversary Food Drive

1 Year Anniversary Food Drive – Our Little Food Library – Week of April 10-17

The Little Food Library has been helping feed Brentwoodians for almost a year, supporting those who have been hit the hardest by the pandemic. We have also met so many Brentwood neighbours who struggled with financial and food security on a daily basis even before COVID-19. The Little Food Library continues to provide quick, easy access to basic staples, while maintaining anonymity and the community spirit of ‘sharing’.

Saturday April 10th will be almost exactly one year since we started. Please drop-off non-perishable goods between 1:00 – 4:00pm Saturday (or when it works) at  3624 Boulton Rd. If you’d like to donate a gift card that works too – please place in envelope and text Liza at 403 606 6949, e-transfer works as well Liza Lorenzetti Bring your own coffee, mask and perhaps take a 10 person, 3m social break for a few minutes (1:00 -3:00pm). Weather permitted, we will be serving homemade treats and have distanced chairs set up on the lawn.

Thank you to everyone who contributed over the past year, here are some pictures showing Brentwood’s overwhelming generosity!

In keeping with the season, we ask for food items that are resistant to freezing such as dried soups, packaged grains, lentils, quinoa, chickpeas, beans, peas, pasta, packaged oatmeal and other cereals, peanut butter, coffee, pancake mix, biscuits, granola bars.

On warmer days, please consider donating items such as canned chili, chunky soups, canned fish of any type, tetra packs of almond, rice, soya or oat milk, spaghetti sauce, apple sauce and other canned fruit.
Supported by Brentwood Cares!

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